EHR (Pronounced. "Air")  Sports is an all Canadian lifestyle Apparel brand, the "EH" being as much Canadian as the brand itself! Through generated clothing sales EHR is able to sponsor Canadian athletes, host events, run promotions, advocate and fundraise for local causes and foundations alike.

EHR Watersports Decals - Brand Vinyl UV Resistant Decal EHR Sports Decals - Brand Vinyl UV Resistant Decal

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Our Brand decals are high grade vinyl, designed for the toughest conditions, watercraft, cars, trucks, motorcycles and anywhere else you want to stick the EHR Brand!!

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EHR strives to be a face in the community that dedicates time to its clients to by attending local sporting events to build trusting relationships and lasting connections.



Since its inception in 1994, the CSRA (Canadian Snowcross Racing Association) has been a governing body that organizes, promotes, and regulates snowmobile competitions in Canada, primarily within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.


The Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) is the leading road racing superbike championship in Canada. The championship is managed and organised by Frontline CSBK Inc. The series operates in the summer months, normally between May and August and includes classes for Pro Superbike, Pro Sport Bike, Amateur Superbike, and Amateur Sport Bike


Professional Slalom Waterskiing, there's six buoys the skier must go around to complete a pass. The boat goes straight at a steady speed of 58kph (for guys) 55kph (for girls), while the skier goes around the buoys. After every completed pass the rope gets shorter hence making it harder for the skier to get outside the buoys. The skier that ran the most buoys at the shortest line length wins