Going into the 2018 CSBK season Louie Raffa is proud to be teamed up with and sponsored by EHR Sports Inc. Louie is a super cool dude, an insanely fierce competitor and the most respected racer in the paddock. He is a well deserved legend with an amazing racing record. It’s a story of success, failure, triumph, heartbreak and determination. He is also a devoted father and husband. I’ve never seen a couple so in love as you two. That alone is amazing.

Through it all he has maintained a phenomenal grace and generosity of spirit. He is the total package. Eloquent, smart, fucking fast, and just plain old cool. He’s like a veteran boxing champ. It’s an amazing story and this is what people want to hear. It doesn’t matter who wins the next round as long as Louie is in the mix and pushing hard. Everyone wants to see Cassas pushed hard by the storied veteran. Louie has an incredible story of willpower and survival. This is what the fans want. Louie Raffa IS CSBK. CSBK is Louie Raffa!

EHR Athlete Louie Raffa