EHR Athlete Zack Hackett Snow Corss

This is Zack Hackett, #162! Ready to race his 3 year in CSRA Stock 120 and maybe even try Briggs 206! Zack is a pro at the hole shot and is looking to put some trophies on his shelf this year! He is proudly sponsored by EHR Sports Inc. for a second racing season. Zack was asked what he likes most about racing and he said, “I like that I can win trophies!” He has many other athletic passions playing on many teams, hockey, soccer, t-ball and ball hockey. Zack is a sweet and articulate child who loves performing guitar and being a good friend. He loves giving a special handshake which he calls “the turkey”, so if you see him at an event just say give me a “turkey” and he will.